MY 3 FALL DINNER OBSESSIONS | healthy vegan meals

these are 3 of my favourites to cook for dinner in the fall time. all cheap, all mushy, all easy to make, all warming, all healthy, and of course super yum !
one soup, one stew, one porridge. i choose one to cook for a whole week’s worth of dinners, and the next week i choose another one. cook, eat, repeat.

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so i realise that i have has all of a sudden gone all autumn crazy.
but to be honest, that’s just because i myself have gone completely mad for everything autumny. it’s just the best, i feel like the fall atmosphere goes so well with my personality.

so why not talk about fall food ?
it’s too good, all that warming comfort food. and if you’ve seen any of my what i eat in a week videos, you already know that i love preparing food for the whole week in one go.

hope you like it !

love // jenny



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  1. How can u eat the cooked food after 2 days? Specially lentil, potato, n green veggies?
    How do u eat the same food everyday for a week?
    I thought they go bad n have side effects on ur gut health n cause gas, none the less the texture goes weird as well.
    My gut is so week it can’t even take some water at this point 😞☹️

  2. Hi Jenny! I just want to say you are truly inspirational! I also love that you are living in Berlin, as I have spent a bit of time there myself and I loved it! I love watching your budget friendly recipes and I often try them myself! I am a vegan living in Philadelphia, PA USA and I always feel so inspired after watching your videos! Keep them coming please! I look forward to them all the time! Be well! – Nikki Fantasia

  3. Just subscribed…you are the most gorgeous youtuber here, in every sense. So bright and positive and good, with a beautiful voice. Love your vids xx

  4. the second one is a middle eastern recipe !! its called mjaddara ! hhehe I was surprised when I saw you cook it ..
    we add fried onions to it and let the water evaporate make it liquidy like a soup…
    every one in my country loves mjaddara ! 🙂
    thanks for sharing your recipes.. so helpful!

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