My 10 Favourite Slimming World Meals

A round up of my 10 favourite meals to cook on the Slimming World plan. Be sure to subscribe for regular Slimming World updates and recipes!

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  1. Honey, try putting some fresh onion rings on top of the salmon and below the salmon, before you sprinkle dill herb (only). Wrap the foil parcels but open them for the last few minutes of cooking so the top crisps up. That’s how I do mine, the onion and the dill complements salmon, perfectly.

  2. pizza-I use my HExb wholemeal bread trim off crusts. Rolling pinned out to make a thin crust pizza. I like to part baked in oven before adding topping o make more crispy

  3. Hi Lynne. I’ve recently joined slimming world and looking for meal ideas.. And I watched this video and you said about the crustless quiche? I just wondered what temperature you put the oven on. And how long to cook it. Thanks 😊 xx

  4. Hi, Lynne! First of all I’d like to say how much I enjoy your videos, especially your Food Diaries. Anyway, I’m just wondering if you can tell me what eyeshadow you’re wearing? Thanks 🙂

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