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Mulled Wine tastes so much better at Christmas when it’s home made. See how simple and easy my Mulled Wine Recipe is to make with hardly any ingredients.

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Ingredients (Serves 4 | Prep time: 5m Cooking time: 35m | 196 calories & 0g fat p/serving):

– Red Wine (x1 Bottle)
– Demerara Sugar (50g)
– Nutmeg (Pinch)
– Mixed Spice (Pinch)
– Cinnamon (x1 Stick)
– x1 Orange


  1. Thanks for a very interesting post, here are some more tips for how to make wine…
    Use the correct equipment. Things like plastic buckets and bins come in different grades of plastic. You must use the food-grade plastic products not the cheaper buckets you might use to clean the floor!
    If plastic buckets and bins start getting scratched and grazed, replace them. The grazes will start harbouring microbes and eventually you’ll have a spoilt batch of wine.
    If stirring the must (the initial mix of fruit and water etc.) in a bin, scald the spoon with boiling water first to quickly sterilise it.
    Fill and top up airlocks with cooled, boiled water – never straight from the tap.
    Avoid metal spoons and sieves with fermenting wine – i.e. after the yeast has been added. Sometimes they can taint the wine. Avoid wooden spoons, which are hard to sterilise – plastic is far better.
    Reusing wine bottles is fine, ask friends to save them for you and check with local bars or restaurants who are often willing to give them to you. Wash out immediately as a clean bottle will be a lot easier to sterilise when you come to use them.
    Rack your wine to clear it before bottling. That is, using a syphon tube, suck up the wine from one demijohn into another leaving the sediment (called lees) behind. The tubes with a base and valve are cheap enough and a make this easier. Allow the wine to settle for a week and repeat if necessary before bottling
    Never judge your wine by the taste as you bottle it. Most often you will think it’s a disaster. Some wines can take 2 years to mature. As a general rule, try a bottle after six months. If it tastes harsh, leave the rest for at least another six months.
    Allow time. Time is the great wine maker and you should never be in a rush. We’ve made wine that was nnine months in the demijohn before bottling and drunk it 3 years later. The following year it was even better!
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Pavas grape plan site )

  2. Glad the recipe is so simple and requires only easy to find ingredients. What do you think about adding cloves and star anise instead of mixed spice (just because I can’t get it here and I don’t know what goes in it).

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