MINCE PIE RECIPE – With a Sweet Short Crust Pastry

Here is the other Mince pie recipe that I promised to make on my last video. Sweet short crust pastry filled with delightful mincemeat.

Ingredients Below:

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MINCE PIES With a Sweet Short Crust Pastry

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You Will Need

450g / 1lb of All Purpose Flour
230g / 8oz of Butter
75g / 2.5 oz of Superfine / Caster Sugar
3 Egg Yolks
4 tablespoons of Cold Water
12 -24 teaspoons of Mincemeat
3 egg whites
Caster or Superfine Sugar to dust the Mince Pies

Oven Temperature 150C / 300F for 20 minutes

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  1. I usually like home made everything but I did have the Walker’s Shortbread Glenfiddich Whiskey Mincemeat Tarts and they were amazing – I am going to try making both of your versions though, they look delish!

  2. The pastry looks like my shortbread cookie recipe. I also have been making figgy puddings for about fifteen years. I think i shall give mince tarts or pies a go.

  3. These look great Steve, I’ll be making this tomorrow for sure!

    As for my fave Mince Pie’s, I started making some mincemeat Chelsea buns for Christmas about 5 years ago, I make them every year and the kids have got more and more involved, this year they made a batch entirely on their own and they were superb. I’m nominating those therefore.

  4. My most favourite mince pie is made by my favourite baker. Mr Kipling. He’s made many of my favourites such as Apple pies, Bakewell slices.
    I think I may well try This! Thanks Steve 👍👌

  5. I remember having mincemeat pies when I was very young. I haven’t had it in about 30 years but I’m going to try your recipes for making mincemeat and the little pies too. Going to try both the sweet and savory types and see which one’s better. Thank you so much for these recipes! I’ve been wanting to try some traditional deserts and foods for a while now and these are going to be a great start! Even though it’s hard as heck to find the ingredients here. I had to look everywhere for mixed fruits and figs and suet. Finally went to a butcher for the suet and going to make my own.

  6. Perfect perfect perfect . Tomorrow I will be following your way , egg yolks in pastry , mum that’s a first for me .ill let you know how they turn out . O yea very low heat to cook them , , now that I also like . Thanks Steve they look good . X

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