Merry Vegan Christmas

Hope you all had an awesome Christmas! I decided to document/vlog mine as a vegan in a none vegan household. I ate a lot of veg, got the best gifts and gave some quality presents to my niece.




  1. I showed this video to my friend when she asked me “Why don’t you just eat meat for one day this year? Just have a cheat day, it’s not gonna kill you”… so rather than showing her any of the documentaries or anything like that, I showed her this and said “Does it look like I’ll miss out because I don’t eat meat? Nah”

  2. I don’t enjoy eating at the same table as people eating dead animals, but unfortunately those are the only people I know, and I’d only be alienating myself.

  3. Love this insight Tim. Looks just like my Christmas! I’ve had the same issues for the last 30 years as a vegetarian and, just when they were getting used to it, I went vegan 5 years ago. Same issues. My mum is finally FINALLY experimenting with the lifestyle and she’s now doing Preston Parkrun every Saturday. Thanks for the vid.

  4. I had not yet seen this video but I think what you say at the end is very true. “you can’t be a profit in your own home,” but people do come around. my family has recently started putting cheese in separate containers instead of directly on the salad, or making veggies on the side because o do not participate in meat eating. my mom gets excited to bring me vegan chocolate that she finds. it’s the little things. amazing to see growth and acceptance especially from the people whom you share the most love with. thank you always for your videos, new and old.

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