Matty Matheson’s Classic Marinara and Meatballs

In this scene from IT’S SUPPERTIME!, Matty Matheson walks you through these classic Italian recipes that are all flavor, no fuss.

Watch the season premiere of IT’S SUPPERTIME! here:

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  1. Dear ViceLand, there’s a reason these new Matty videos aren’t doing as well as the old ones. People can sense the production behind it. Matty doesn’t need a script or screenwriter or director/producer, he needs a kitchen, food and one cameraman. The old videos were so great because they were natural, just Matty being Matty. These new ones just feel to forced.

  2. The sugar is entirely optional as long as you put enough onion in the sauce. In my experience, if I use enough onion, the sauce won’t taste acidic.

  3. I was just like Matty a few years ago. Just an alcoholic cook with a passion for cooking. Now I’m an alcoholic chef with a passion for luxury cuisine. 🙂

  4. Matty should stop using water from the hot tap as it contains microscopic scale deposited in the water heater. Not only is it bad for you, it’s bad form from a professional chef.

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