Masala Pasta Recipe | Indian Style Pasta Recipe

Masala Pasta, an Indian version of Italian Pasta packed veggies along with Indian Spices. Masala pasta is very easy to make and is a bliss for those who love both pasta and Indian food. Pasta is one of the favourite food for many kids. My kids love to eat Pasta for lunch and at least once a week, I will pack them Indian Style Pasta for their lunch and each time they so much excited as if I were giving them for the first time 🙂

Indian Style Pasta, as the name implies, the underlying masala is made with onion-tomatoes along with capsicum and green peas and Indian spices. Generally Italian Pasta are very mild but our Indian Spices are always little more hot and spicy. I have used Penne Pasta for this recipe, we can use other varieties also like Farfalle, Fusilli etc. Masala Pasta is undoubtedly a quick fix for lunch/dinner.
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