Martha Stewart’s Tabletop Holiday Decor – Martha Stewart

Martha creates a lighted holiday scene inside a glass jar. It’s so easy, and the jars are perfect to use as a centerpiece or in pairs on your mantel.

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Martha Stewart’s Tabletop Holiday Decor – Martha Stewart


  1. I did this, but used fake snow and a small amber colored fake candle-placed inside the house. Also, used small branches of real cedar trees, and the effect was much more beautiful, imo.

  2. Salt will absorb moisture and may make that jar damp,salt and batteries do not mix! Artificial snow or tinsel would be more appropriate and realistic. Also the jars need more festive items added.

  3. Sorry Martha…who wants to dig down in salt every night to turn the lights on and off?? I don’t got time for such I can’t even see the lights…I do like those large jars though..
    Sorry Martha I find,this 1 a fail…its pretty but kinda dumb..

  4. If you don;t use artificial know, at least use Epson salt. It’s sparkly. I expected better from Martha. Use a remote or simply hide the switch box outside behind the jar.

  5. God!!! Is this the best idea the “great” Martha Stewart could come up with??? Besides…salt (as food in general) is precious: food must never go wasted!!!

  6. I use the battery operated lights with a remote and instead of wrapping the lights on the outside of the glass I put the lights and remote inside the glass to protect them, just flip the glass upside down. You can use scotch tape and make a X across the opening of the glass to hold your lights and battery pack when you are flipping it upside down.

  7. To have to “dig” down through the snow each evening to turn it on is just dumb and impractical. And since when does a snow covered yard light up from underneath it’s snow anyway. She’s so wierd.

  8. There are fairy lights that can be operated by a remote. Digging into the salt to turn them on or off is a pain. Also, artificial snow allows more light to show. Salt is too dense for this.

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