Martha Stewart’s Classic Pot Roast Recipe – Martha Stewart

Imagine coming home to a classic pot roast with carrots and potatoes for dinner: All you need is a slow cooker. Just combine the ingredients, push a button, and hours later you have a delicious dinner that took only 15 minutes of your time.

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Martha Stewart’s Classic Pot Roast Recipe – Martha Stewart


  1. i did not have any chicken broth, so used water. wont know the difference i bet. i dont think you need the liquid anyway. ever see how much liquid the meat makes on its own?

  2. Wow. I’ve never tried putting the cornstarch slurry in while the food is cooking. I’ve always thickened afterwards. Learn something new everyday. Looks great. 🙂

  3. MARTHA 🙂 The bit about the can. Could we freeze the left over tomato paste in our can in an ice tray and save the cubes for later use? I have never seen the past in a tube. I live in a very rural area. Plus most likely cost more. Is the paste you have there better? A better taste? perhaps a short tomato paste video could help us. What tomatoes make the best paste for canning at home ? I wonder what  tomatoes you grow in your garden for sauce or paste. A entire hour of tomato talk would be nice. Maybe you can show us a beauty trick to boot. 🙂

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