Martha Stewart at home this Christmas

Original airing of this special. We used aluminum foil as gift wrap that year inspired by this and our mom needed it for the Turkey and had to unwrap it..Lol And original airing of MSL episode 8. The Christmas special is available to watch on
This is one of the oldest segments of all my Martha Content. The scene where Martha hangs the wreath on the front door its actually Turkey hill not the Adams house. There is detailed raised paneling in the door frame of Turkey hill while the front of the Adams house is not as ornate. I love the original season episodes with their music and feel.Anytime MSL would air a new episode it would feature right after the opening monologue the current issue and an 800 number to subscribe. And following every commercial there was a sponsor spot that had a lovely shot of Turkey hill or some glorious shot of flowers ext. The reruns that aired on Lifetime do not have this. But they did have Martha commercials of the own. Which is why I recorded EVERYTHING! Even as a child I was relentless in my Obsession for Martha Stewart. Some little kid in the 90’s with no internet or digital tv schedule at reference was somehow able to find all this and record it. That’s pretty amazing and a testament to my claim as the youngest ever Marbiter. An arbiter of style mixed with Martha = Marbiter That is what Us die hard Martha fans are.. Marbiters! Get amoungst it


  1. MOST MEN look better the older they get. Just consider poor Prince Charles who looks better today than he did 40 years ago (YIKES). But the same seems to be true for Martha who looks better in 2018 than here.

  2. It is a good show but I am cringing at all of the resultant ecological waste, especially having cleaned out older relatives houses and having to dump all of the plastic and ceramic odds and ends we didn’t know what to do with. I wonder what use there is for a styrofoam and gold-paint encrusted centerpiece besides throwing it into a dump to sit for hundreds of years. Not to mention all of the wastes she produces while making this stuff – the tray she put the paint into, the brushes she probably just dumped, the sponges….etc. etc.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I had heard of this program years ago but never had the chance to see it. Martha made it OK for people to care about their homes, something that had been shunned by women entering the workforce and “wanting it all”, thinking they had to sacrifice home for a career. It isn’t evil to want to be good at taking care of one’s home. I really enjoyed this!

  4. I have always loved Martha’s shows.  She is such a gifted teacher.  I love the shows where she is teaching how to do something whether putting a new screen in or baking cookies.  I did not care for the cooking shows where she had celebrities on each time.  She did not shine on those shows as she does when she is teaching.  Her voice is so calming and she is a natural teacher.

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