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For my first invasion, I’m visiting Da Flora, my favorite North Beach restaurant, and show you their recipe for manicotti (or “manigot” as I learned it as a kid). I’ve been eating there for over two decades and never had a bad meal there. When my friends and I want to share a leisurely family-style 4-course meal we always head to da Flora on Columbus.

Jen McMahon, the genius in the da Flora kitchen, scours the local markets to find the best local organic ingredients. Jen is a master at giving her Italian inspired food a Bay Area Slow Food twist.

This dish will certainly be controversial with my fans in Italy. You will not find manicotti (little sleeves) on a menu in Italia. Italians call this dish cannelloni (little pipes) made with either crespelle (crepes) or pasta.

Jen and I both grew up on the East Coast immersed in southern Italian immigrant food traditions they brought with them. But now our Italian ancestors were cooking in America using ingredients available in their local markets.

So here is Jen’s San Francisco version of manicotti for you to make in your kitchen. It’s a simple dish featuring the best of the early spring bounty, broccoli di rape for the delicate ricotta filling and early sweet red spring onions, mellow green garlic and fresh oregano for the marinara. The aged provolone grated on top makes this simple dish soar.

Authentic Italian cooking recipes from what’s left of San Francisco’s Italian-American neighborhood.

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  1. we just prepared this…ready to go in the oven! tremendous fun to prepare…the video makes it easy…never made crepes before, but just got that pan sizzling, and only ruined one out of two dozen…gotta go now, guests arrive any moment. Thank you Gianni, and thank you to your talented friends!

  2. Jonny, go back to the house. Aside of your personality, cooking at the house was the great appeal of your show. I skip these restaurant videos of yours. Remember one thing, many you tube shows fail eventually because they try to become something larger than what they started out as. The one thing that their show had which captivated an audience they loose because their success pushes them to change the show so much, they loose that audience and struggle to stay alive as they are now competing with another beast of an audience with a massive amount of competition. We loved the personal home experience and your personality. We could care less about the restaurant chefs. You want to boost and change the show? Take the cameras to the local markets and farmers. These restaurants mean nothing to us. Please reconsider your ideas and keep the show personal, home Italian cooking using quality local and imported ingredients.

  3. Yes Gianni here in Italy they are called cannelloni. A manicotto in italian is a little sleeve of a shirt or a particul part of the car engine. Anyway these cannelloni of the video look delicious. Bravi bravi bravi questa sì che è la vera cucina italiana!

  4. My family is from Napoli and my mom made the crepes for the cannelloni every Christmas Day. We never heard manicotti mentioned. And even in Italy today cannelloni are always made with crepes, it’s not a pasta. I really enjoy your video recipes!! 🙂

  5. Hi John,I remember going to Da Flora when Jo Anne and I were visiting with  Breanna.  One Sunday mom made manicotti  and mom and Al had a contest to see who could eat the most. I think mom won with 12.  I am going to try this recipe when Kylie and Chris comes to VT on Memorial Day weekend.
    Thanks for the updated version of a family favorite.

  6. Ciao Gianni. My nonna used to make cannellonis sometimes based on crepes and tomato ragu, she was from Cuneo in the piemont region Italie. Those looks delicious, i’m gonna try that recipe this week end. Thanks for your videos Gianni. Cheers from Paris ^^

  7. ciao gianni – i am loving every second of it – i of course love me some manigot / cannelloni myself big time – and look at those extremely thin delicious crespelle…..i think one of the biggest gifts you got from your parents is keeping the italian heritage thing alive in you, making you wanting to keep it alive.

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