Make your own Box of Cereal Recipe – Homemade Breakfast – Simple & Easy

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Homemade Box of Cereal

2 cubes of butter (1 Cup)
1 teaspoon of Salt
2 Cups of sugar – not something bleached starch white but has some nutritional value
2 pounds of Oats – Instant or regular – Instant is rolled thinner so whatever you prefer

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Put butter, sugar and salt in sauce pan over medium heat until butter is melted and sugar is somewhat dissolved. Butter roaster pan to keep oats from sticking and pour oats into it. When butter/sugar mixture is ready, pour over the oats in the roaster pan. Mix until all the oats are somewhat moist. Bake for 45 minutes with the lid on. Stir and put back into the oven with the lid off for 15 minutes to brown the top. Eat plain or add cranberries, raisins or any type of dried fruit.

Only 4 ingredients It is simple to make this nutritious and flavorful breakfast cereal. No chemicals or preservatives added! .

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  1. Um….. How much oats ? I’m 10 but I really love cooking and how many grams is one pound? If u can tell me that I’ll just put in a bit more than one pound. Thx

  2. Since your fam has a proven history of food allergies, I would suggest getting rid of the GMO foods and go organic. I know this is a huge cost and feeding a group your size has to be affordable first. I’m not going to preach why you should make the sacrifice as I am on food stamps so I know what the word “budget” really means. If you choose foods which are less fluff and more protein, you will need to eat less. I have seen this over and over.
    Bless you guys!

  3. This is a great formula! Thanks!
    I think I would sub all organic, stevia = sweetener, olive oil = fat & + multiple grains. 4 gluten free, there R flours & grains which can B rolled & which will B higher in protein as well. I would pick the cheapest 3 or 4, of course.
    Stevia is easy 2 grow & propagate. It will repay U with plenty of sweet in your first season if U plant enuf at the start. Sugar is completely unnecessary. Other sweeteners R expensive and hard 2 make on your own.

  4. Awesome, but a lot of sugar. You are right about using honey as a substitute. Take a look at the Honeyville Foods website. They have a lot of bulk grain products that you can get, as well as many freeze dryed foods. Now it would be interesting to see you make cereals from wheat, corn and rice.

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