Make Ahead: Turkey Sausage and Egg Breakfast Sandwiches

Sausage patties made with extra lean ground turkey breast, fresh herbs, onions, and green apple are fried to crispy golden perfection and then placed on toasted whole wheat English muffins with an over hard egg, and a slice of sharp cheddar. Better still, these can be cooled, wrapped, and frozen for on the go breakfasts, snacks or lunch!
Visit the recipe here:


  1. These are a really nice alternative and have so much flavour – and you know exactly what you’re eating. No mystery meat 🙂 Thanks so much for the kind comment!

  2. Grated apple is wonderful in so many ground meat dishes. As we get closer to Fall here (spring for you 🙂 you will be seeing more apples in my recipes. xoxo

  3. Lyndsay, We now have HP sauce here in the US. We actually have for years, but you really had to look for it. 25 yrs ago I fell in love with the stuff while visiting with friends in Toronto. I looked for it here for months & began finding it at small specialty food shops (for 3 times the price of A1). But now we can buy it much more reasonably. I like it better than A1 & use it like they do in the Irish pubs up there…On Everything that doesn’t move! Nice recipe, Lynds!

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