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Make healthy eating easy with these make-ahead smoothie packs.

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Everyone says that making smoothies is so easy. While it’s true, nobody understand JUST how easy something has to be in order for busy parents to be able to fit it into the hectic weekday schedule until they are a busy parent themselves.

If you are, you know that pulling the blender out and measuring ingredients while also trying to get kids dressed, fed, and out the door for school is no small feat. So making smoothies in the morning? Not always as easy as it sounds. Until now.

Make-ahead smoothie packs totally change the smoothie game. With everything pre-measured, frozen, and ready to go, making smoothies becomes a much more realistic endeavor, even on the busiest mornings.

Watch for how to make them, along with a few of my favorite smoothie ingredient combinations. And click over to One Hungry Mama for a direct link to the Apple Pie Smoothie and MANY others:

Apple Pie Smoothie:

Lots of other smoothie recipes:


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  1. So it’s okay to put the greens in the freezer as well? I start my green smoothie journey Monday. I will be preparing them on Sunday night as well but I’m not sure how my kale will turn out frozen

  2. do the smoothies still turn out green at the end of the week?
    and how can i prevent the smoothies from being super frozen? it gets hard to blend them and I need lots of liquid.

  3. I’m also going to give this a go. I make smoothies every morning but the same one because it’s easy. This is a good way to switch it up by having it ready.

  4. I add tons of things to my smoothies At least two types of greens, and up to three types of fruit, this is a great idea.. but i would have to use bigger bags. So spinach and kale can be freezed?

  5. This is great but I think I’ll also throw in my hemp hearts, chia seeds and maybe even coconut oil too (if it works in the freezer?). Maybe even the almond butter too? Would that work? I find those are some of the things that back me up in the A.M. Also, putting the blender out the night before helps me. And yes, agree, you have to start healthy in the morning to carry it throughout the day.

  6. stacie, as much as i love your videos i find it always a bit inconvenient that i have to go to your website and search for the things you are talking about. why not just leave a link in the description? it would be so much quicker for lazy/busy people. lots of love xx

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