Main Dish Recipes – How to Make Quick Chicken and Rice Casserole

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In this video, we’ll show you how to make a comforting chicken and rice casserole. With nothing more than a few minutes of prep time, this dish comes together virtually hands-free. A few cans of cream soup, some cooked chicken, rice, and light seasoning get mixed up and baked for one hour. Perfect for a chilly evening, when you’re under the weather or to serve a crowd.

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  1. I would pass on this dish .Why not the basic of cut the chicken a little salt,garlic,sliced onions, pepper,a little water. Half way cooked add the rice,water, and little salt. Steam some veggies to your liking. Done. Tall glass of cold water. Thats what I call simple. Have a nice week.

  2. Why 3 cans of soup? There’s A LOT of sodium in those soups and then adding more salt? Oh no. The finished product looks good, but really unhealthy. I would say chose one can and add milk to it, or if you have the time make your own creamed soup so you can control what’s in it. Just my opinion. And then to top it off all that butter. I love butter, but whoa!

  3. Pepper and garlic are okay, but there is already too much salt in the condensed soup! Please revise this recipe. There is a problem with hypertension in our society. Salty potato chips, etc., let’s cut back wherever we can. Come on! We all know this dish needs NO additional salt! Add celery seed, or fresh cut up vegetables like celery or peas, but no salt.

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