Low Fat Vegan No Oil Greek Black Eyed Peas & Vegetable Soup

Super easy low fat, NO OIL!! soup. Very filling and easy to make. Adapted form various Greek recipes, Fork over Knives, and China Study Cook book. All my ingredients are organic and locally grown. This is a meal your family will love. This soup is always better the next day. Just stick it in the fridge when it cools down and re-heat it the next day. I do not freeze my soups so I do not know how it would taste if you chose to do that.
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  1. For anyone looking for POMI (because I agree, it’s clearly superior), I’ve found it cheapest at Target and on Jet.com

    Occasionally, I’ll see a great deal for a case on Amazon as well.

  2. Hola Nini! Gracias por todo lo q he aprendido de tu cocina. No te imaginas la gran ayuda q me has dado en mi vida vegana. Sigue así… Es invaluable todo lo q he me has transmitido. Tienes muy buenos hábitos alimenticios y se nota q es amor lo q transmites a tu familia.

  3. I was thinking of buying the veggie bouillon but didn’t cause the ingredients list oil. Does the one you buy have no oil in the ingredients? I’ve learned that just cause it says “vegan” doesn’t mean it’s oil free.

  4. I watched this video a few weeks ago and took the time to buy the Pomi tomatoes and Veggie bouillon. I was a bit uncertain about not using any oil with sauteing the garlic and vegetables. To my surprise I followed the recipe to the letter and it all worked out great. I love the simple ingredients and the easy preparation method. Thank you so much about the tip from Vita cost and the tomatoes. A game changer for me. I look forward to looking at more of your recipes and videos. I am not a Vegan but I incorporate recipes in my weekly rotation. This one is a keeper. Taste really good and oh so healthy.

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