Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza Breakfast Sandwich Recipe!

Macros for each Sandwich:
230 Cals, 11g Carbs, 10g Fat, 25g Protein!

Ingredients for 3 breakfast sandwiches:
– 1 Lavash Bread (or low carb flatbread)
– 3 Whole Eggs
– 3 Slices Turkey Bacon
– 276g Egg Whites
– 2 Slices Fat Free Sharp Cheddar Cheese
– 1 Cup (220g) Hunts Garlic & Herbs Pasta Sauce
– 28g Shredded Fat Free Shredded Cheddar
– 28g Shredded Fat Free Mozzarella
– 45g Turkey Pepperonis
– Oregano & Red Pepper

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