loukoumades: Greek Honey Donuts


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  1. I think I’m the only Greek who prefers them with powdered sugar over the syrup. When I was a kid, I would stand next to my mom as she fried them. So I could intercept some before they went into the syrup. She’d get so mad that I was going against Greek tradition. She would hit me with the oily slotted spoon, trying to shoo me away.

  2. I made this for my sons 5th grade class history project and it was such a hit with the kids,parents and teachers. I rolled some in powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar. My family is from Northern India and my mom used to make something very much like this flavored with cardamon and sprinkled with finely chopped pistachios. Thank you for sharing:)

  3. Hi to Dimitra & everyone:

    Dimitra many thanks for your lovely Greek recipe.

    For those perhaps unaware, the Greeks gave our civilization everything they enjoy today.

    The Ancient Greeks were very wise, innovative, inventive, and lovers of everything which they gifted to humans everywhere.

    Civilization and mankind owe their deep respect and continued gratitude to the Greek People for all that the Ancient Greeks gifted to the world, and Western Civilization.

    The Greeks brought us their vast love and knowledge of all foods, relative to preparation, cooking, baking, and serving. (The Romans also enslaved the Greek Cooks & Bakers and brought them back to Rome forcing them to become their Culinary home servants)..

    The Ancient Greeks graced us with Greek recipes known as loukoumades, loukoumathes, and Tumbula.

    “All of these are made from the original Ancient Greek recipes fo Greekr dessert sweets.

    Also through centuries and especially during the Greek Olympic Games many foreigners and Dignitaries traveled to Greece to enjoy the Greek Olympic Games, as well as all the Greek foods and desserts Greece bestowed upon them.

    In every form of these sweet desserts named above, we must all give thanks to the Greeks for sharing their wisdom and never ending knowledge with the world, and shaping it into the wonderful civilization we have become, so therefore proper credit is due and we must all thank the Ancient Greek Civilization for all that we enjoy today….especially their Greek sweet desserts, and Greek foods which are so beloved world wide.

  4. Dimitra!
    Do you have a cookbook available??
    It would be cool to see a cookbook with references to videos you have made.
    It’s always overload, but I want to try everything, I know what I like but I want to explore & then be creative too!
    Turkish food too as well as many other!

  5. Hi, how do I make sure they’re crispy on the outside without burning them as every time I try to make them, the inside isn’t cooked through so I keep it in the oil longer.

  6. Hi Dimitra! 😀 I thought that loukoumades recipe was so great!!! My Mum is from Kalymnos in Greece and she likes to make them too. Im going to try to make some😉 cheers!!

  7. hi watched your beautiful donuts and im going to make them now sorry cant stay have to get things happening thank you love the way you explain as you went a long

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