Light Fruit Cake Recipe Demonstration –

Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make a Light Fruit Cake. Although not a proper British Fruit Cake, this Light Fruit Cake should not be ignored. It has lots of what I consider the best part of a fruit cake, candied fruit. I love this cake’s delicate almond flavor and you don’t have to wait weeks to enjoy this tea bread, as it can be eaten the same day it’s baked.

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  1. Hi Stephanie! cake looks pale yellow… didn’t turn brown on top.. I was waiting fr the crust to turn brown, but it got over baked 🙁 where did I go wrong ? Please help…

  2. Hi Stephanie! Love all your recipes! Can I add coco powder? Coz I like the flavor and the brown color it gives to the cake. If yes, how much coco powder should I add?

  3. Hi Stephanie, You are very clear with measurements, cleanness is superb. I was aversive toward baking as I used to think it’s rocket science n not meant for me. Thanks a million for these beautiful recipes… I baked couple of your recipes n now I am very confident towards baking. My family enjoy my bake. Heartfelt thanks to you🙏

  4. I tried it, it turned out so so good. Covering it with foil if it’s browning too much is the best technique ever, I use it for my all tea cakes. You’re the best 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  5. I just made this cake and turned out awesome. Thanks for your recipe. I substitute alcohol with orange juice and also added spice mix. Everyone enjoyed the cake. You make cake baking a real joy. Thank you and Merry Christmas 🎉🎉

  6. I just made this fruit cake yesterday… and all is gone by this evening …! 😀 So, I’m gonna make 2 more loaves tonight 🙂 It’s a perfect recipe … I have made one change though … instead of milk I put sour cream into the batter … Merry Christmas Stephanie! Merry Christmas Y’all <3

  7. Perfection…. Stephanie, you are the best at baking cakes that I have seen on YouTube… your presentation is really nice and you have persuaded me to try baking this fruit cake myself… simply by watching you go through the method and tasting the cake at the end… fabulous…. just realised that this video has well over a million views…. that testament to your presentation and your baking skills… amazing !!!

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