Lemon Meringue Pie

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INGREDIENTS FOR A 23cm (9 inch) PIE:

For the crust:
190g all-purpose/plain flour
40g icing sugar
100g dairy-free butter
30g soy milk
3g white vinegar

For the filling:
190g caster sugar (or other granulated sugar)
5g agar agar powder
20g cornstarch
190g dairy-free cream
320g almond milk
15g lemon zest, chopped
yellow food colouring
150g lemon juice

For the meringue topping:
110g aquafaba, cold (reduced from 160g)
2 tsp lemon juice, strained (10g)
130g caster sugar

– For the crust, blend the flour, the sugar and the butter to obtain a sort of breadcrumbs, combine the mixture with the vinegar and the soy milk, and knead briefly to obtain a dough.
– Wrap the dough in cling film, place it in the fridge and chill it for at least 3 hours, or overnight.
– Once the dough is ready, preheat the oven to 150°C (no fan).
– Roll down the dough into a 30cm (12 inches) disk of roughly 5mm (¼ inch) thickness, and use the disk to line a 23cm (9 inch) non-stick pie tin.
– Scrunch a piece of greaseproof paper under water and squeeze it to remove any excess moisture.
– Line the pie tin with the wet paper, add plenty of rock salt to it and use it as a weight for the blind baking process. This will prevent the dough from rising and moving.
– Bake the base in the preheated oven for 45 minutes, rotating it every 15 minutes to allow for even browning. Let it cool down completely, and remove salt.
– For the filling, mix a third of the sugar with the agar agar, and set aside.
– Mix the remaining sugar with the starch and the cream, and set aside.
– Place the milk in a saucepan over a medium heat, pour in sugar/agar mix and whisk to properly combine the ingredients.
– Add the zest, bring to a boil, and simmer gently for 3 min to hydrate the agar.
– Add food colouring to taste and stir again; we added the colouring in 6 times using the tip of a toothpick.
– Now, lower the heat to the minimum and pour in the cream/starch mixture. Bring the filling back to a boil stirring constantly, and as soon as it starts boiling again, turn off heat. Add in lemon juice and stir once more to complete the filling.
– Pour the filling in the precooked shell through a fine sieve to remove the zest, and let the pie set at room temperature for 30 minutes before placing it in the fridge for 3 hours to fully set.
– Whip the aquafaba and the lemon juice using a stand mixer at full power for 8 minutes, and then, gradually incorporate the sugar 1 tbsp at the time, making sure to wait 40 seconds between each addition.
– Once the sugar is finished, whip for another 4 minutes at full power before placing the meringue topping in a pastry bag and piping it onto the pie or onto the slices before serving.
– Torch the topping if desired, making sure to be careful and gentle because aquafaba does not coagulate, so it won’t react as egg whites would. A gentle torching and a little colour goes a long way to add a nice colour, and subtle caramel flavour to the pie.

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  1. Dear supporters, viewers and friends,

    As most of you are probably aware of we have been struggling to keep this project alive for the past year and a half, and despite our efforts to keep things going, we have now decided to stop the production altogether.

    Unfortunately the time required to make our recipes is far more than we can currently dedicate to The Vegan Corner, and since our content never was of the kind that can be produced in a few hours of work, we’ve got to a point where we are simply unable to keep working on this project and our main jobs at the same time.

    Obviously both the channel and the website will remain open for you all to explore at any time, so that the few good recipes we have shared so far can be used indefinitely.

    Both Miriam and I want to thank you for following our work and for your invaluable support, and wish you all the best with your plant-based lifestyle 🙂

    In health,
    Raoul & Miriam

  2. Best lemon pie ever. Im from Argentina and was looking for a lemon pie recipe just like this. The lemon cream in this case is perfect! Thats the way I like it! Congratulations!

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    But, I like this movies.
    I’m supporting you in Japan.
    I’m looking forward to your new movies.
    I’m sorry if my English was wrong.

  5. Hi Guys!!!…I need more inspiration.!!!!!……..I have watched your videos  more than 5 times each!!..I MISS YOU!!!..hope you guys ok..Hugs from the USA :))))

  6. I so enjoyed the beauty of this video. It’s much more than a cooking video. It’s a work of art. Came over on recommendation of Mic the Vegan. So sorry to hear you will not be making more.

  7. Hi, I just found your channel & am sad you aren’t able to keep it going. Your videos are really professional looking so I can see that’s a lot of work for just 2 of you and being a Chef is notoriously hard in and of itself. Just wanted to mention you’re missing an opportunity in your Equipment list. The Kenwood Chopper/Mini-Processor you use for your pastry isn’t listed. Good Luck.

  8. This is very sad your channel is really good don’t stop 🙁 you guys inspired me to even make my is vegan channel and it’s sad to see you stop .. I really hope you would change your mind in the future and I wish you the best of luck<3

  9. Hey is there a list of ingredients and amounts for this? Amazing video – probably the best lemon meringue pie I’ve seen on the internet (vegan & non vegan) 🍋

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