Lemon Cashew Cream Tarts: Raw Vegan Dessert Recipe

Tune in to the J-Wro Show and join the ever charming, ever humorous Jason Wrobel, celebrity raw food vegan chef and Cooking Channel TV host, as he tantalizes your tastebuds with these luscious Lemon Cashew Cream Tarts. These easy, delicious, raw, vegan, elegant dessert cups are sure to steal your heart and make you swoon.

Intro Music: Sgt. Frog by Blank and Kytt

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  1. VERY EXciting to see someone with as much sensual devotion as ME… check my fb page shamanic chef congratulations for such beautiful refreshing work you do

  2. where is the recipie link written ?! will not always have to look at the video to make the recipies !! esti que les gens pense a rien lorsqu’il font des recettes ça pense juste a mettre leurs visage de péte avec leur recette sans mettre la recette pour quon puisse l’avoir facilement !…. AU MOINS PRENEZ LA PEINE D’ÉCRIRE LES MESURE DANS LE VIDEO POUR LES RECETTES COMME CERTAINS PERSONNE LE FONT MAIS QUE DAUTRES NE FONT PAS MAIS PENSE JUSTE A VENDRE LEUR ESTI LIVRES DE RECETTE ET METTRE LEUR FACE DE CROTTE….!

  3. please tell me is a 1000 watts food processor to make raw desserts Iam just gonna keep posting this comment in every video that includes a food processor hhahah 😂 tell I have the answer

  4. I have a question regarding cashews and dates…. My research points to cashews not being really raw. They’ve got to be steamed at a high temperature in order to extricate them from their toxic covering. And when I went to my local food co op to buy several varieties of organic dates, I had them contact the various companies and found that they ALL steam them after drying at high temps in order to plump them! What say you all?

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