Learn Italian Verbs: The Top 10 Mistakes in Italian – The Verb GIOCARE and How to Use it in Italian

Improve your Italian grammar and language skills by getting a closer look at Italian Verbs and how to use them correctly. There are many English words that look like Italian words, but have completely different meanings. Same goes with Italian Verbs and how we use them. The Italian Verb GIOCARE means TO PLAY in English. But we do not use it the same way. Watch this video to learn more about this Italian Verb and make sure you are using it correctly. Use this video as a learning resource to continue to learn how to speak and pronounce Italian by repeating the Italian words, phrases and sentences in this video, out loud. When you are learning how to speak Italian, remember, you do not need to learn Italian grammar before you can start speaking Italian. You can begin to speak Italian from day 1, while you are still learning the fundamentals of the Italian language!

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  1. Grazie! English is my native language but I know Spanish very well, and I’m finding so many parallel concepts that make learning Italian much faster for me. Para los hispanohablantes, o los que han aprendido un poco de espanol, la diferencia entre ‘giocare’ y ‘suonare’ es como jugar vs tocar.

  2. What if I’m playing with my cat or
    kids or animals are playing together? Or I want to play outside? How would I say play date or playtime? Or even Playboy?

  3. Aiuto con i verbi e sempre utile…gli esempi del dizionario non sono mai chiaro come sei! My dictionary uses almost identical sample sentences for the verbs ABITARE and VIVERE so I never miss anything you teach. Eventually you answer one of my questions. Your lessons are great! Grazie Mille!

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