Learn Italian: Learn to Make Italian Coffee & Practice Your Italian Comprehension and Pronunciation

If you’re ready to challenge yourself in Italian and learn a little bit more about the Italian culture, this video is for you! In this video I speak only in Italian so you can practice your comprehension, vocabulary and Italian pronunciation. Not only will you challenge you Italian language skills, you will learn how to make an Italian style coffee with an Italian style coffee maker. This video will teach you how to make UN CAFE just like Italians make! Practice your knowledge of Italian vocabulary words by taking notice of the kitchen items I pick up during this video.

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  1. Ho capito tutto senza i sottotitoli.

    grazie per questo video 100% in italiano

    e troppo buono potere ascoltare italiani madrelingua

    (in case of any mistake of mine feel free to correct me (you’re the teacher after all)

  2. Thank You Manu! These Lessons are just Great for ALL levels of Italian Learners! The Words make it so much more easy to remember that is Speaking and Reading creates a Muscle Memory like Driving a Car – subtiles!

  3. Grazie Manu per questo video. Anche da noi in Ollanda si vendono queste caffetiere però non ho saputo mai mai mai come usarle. Allora, me ne comprerò una e proverò di fare un caffè secondo la tua dimostrazione!! Spero che ce la faccio. Baccione, Sandy

  4. The subtitles in inglese definitely help me to follow along. I watch the video without them at first then with the subtitles. Since I am still between the beginner and intermediate stage this helps.

  5. Love the way you have presented this video. With both English and Italian subtitles (subtitles which make sense!!) :D. Also adore your presentation – so natural. 🙂

  6. Ottimo questo video…ho capito tutto senza sottotitoli. Ma ho guardato un’ altro volta per migliorare un po di cose che mi mancava di grammatica. Anche la mia moka è totalmente rovinata ma ancora fa caffè buonissimo!! Grazie Manu!!! Kisses from Sicily.

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