Learn Italian Culture: Learn Italian Etiquette and What to do When Italians Invite You to Dinner

Are you traveling to Italy soon and nervous about fitting in? Do you feel like you know enough Italian vocabulary words and phrases but don’t know enough about Italian culture? Watch this free video for the latest tips and tricks on Italian culture! If you are a student learning Italian, a friend of an Italian or a tourist in Italy, here’s what to do when an Italian invites you to dinner!

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Have you ever wondered if Italians are flirty people, or if that’s a unique characteristic of their culture? If you are a student of Italian, a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level, the best way to learn about Italy is by studying its culture! If you use Italian videos, audios, movies, music and podcasts as language learning resources, you will learn about Italian culture at the same as learning the Italian language! Italian food is one way into someone heart, and Italian pop culture is another!


  1. I wish Americans had the same view of children as the Italians .Seems to me, most of the adults here are always trying to get away from their children for “me” time.

  2. and you are right about the kids, in the US they tend to have dinners or parties excluding the children. The precisely tell you no children allowed. I remember when I was a kid in the states we were left at home with a babysitter

  3. I live in Italy and usually have dinner at 8 in the summer even later, when my cousins come over from the states at 5 they expect to have dinner. WE HAVE A COFFEE BREAK AT 5! they say that eating late makes you gain weight, but after we have a meal we don’t go to sleep, and we don’t sit in front of the TV with cake, ice cream, bear, popcorn and chips! after dinner we are done!

  4. Very nice video (vee-day-oh!). The part about the children is spot on and very telling. I grew up in Italian home but my father is Irish/Polish and I saw some contrast esp. the Irish influence. This was especially true regarding alcohol part..I mean to say that the Irish luuuuvvv to give the kiddies booze (they pretend they don’t know the kids take it)…no food mind you…but the drink! ( Grazie a Dio for my mama Maria and homemade manicotti, cannoli … etc. ) Ciao, amico mio. Michael

  5. All of these rules apply in Britain too, if you want to visit. Also what Maria Giorgio says below… don’t invite yourself, nobody likes that guy 😉 Only difference in the UK is dinner is usually eaten around 8 pm and drinks and games usually concluded by midnight, unless it’s the weekend, kids are usually put to bed after dinner.

  6. I hope to one day make friends with someone from Italy and have this opportunity presented to me. As an American in the south, we don’t have many Italians to meet.

  7. Interesting video. I was wondering though, is it rude not to take the alcohol offered after dinner? As a person, who does not drink alcohol at all, I would not want to do that. I don’t drink caffee either (purely because I don’t like the taste AT ALL) but that I can force down on my throat in social situations if needed. But drinking alcohol I would rather avoid.

  8. it’s the almost the same in Lebanon, late dinner, awesome food, great gathering environment, coffee after meal. won’t be hard for me to get invited to dinner in Italy. salute!

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