Learn Chinese While Cooking Chinese Food Poached Spicy Slices Of Pork | Christmas Recipe

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Today I will teach you guys how to cook famous Sichuan food, boiled spicy pork! If you like Chinese food or spicy food, don’t miss this recipe! And we will learn Chinese while cooking!!

This is the best Christmas recipe for you and your family!

Dried peppers
Chilli sauce

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  1. Watching this video makes my mouth water and stomach hungry! Eating spicy, hot soup dishes is great during the winter time. Thanks to your friend, Jack, for helping out. Kan4 qi3 lai2 hen3 hao3 chi1. Jia1 you2, Kate!

  2. If you focused your channel on videos like this I’d watch you every day. Plenty of other channels/websites can teach conversational Chinese, but I’ve never found anything that taught me all the different ingredients and names of Chinese dishes! Thank you

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