Learn and Improve Your Italian Grammar and Language Skills – 8 Hour LIVE Marathon FOR ALL LEVELS

Are you ready for this crazy opportunity to learn and improve your Italian language skills online, for free?!? I’m not talking standard learning resources and online content like videos and audios to improve your Italian grammar, comprehension and fluency. I’m talking about this 8 hour Italian marathon that I do LIVE! Yes, you read correctly! There are no typos here! In this free online video I recap our 8 hour long live marathon that was open to Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students of Italian. During this marathon, I spoke in English for those students of Italian that are at the beginning of their Italian language journey and knew to learning how to speak and understand Italian. For those Intermediate and Advanced students, questions were answered in Italian. Use this video to review Italian grammar, vocabulary words and phrases that you may already be familiar with AND to practice your Italian comprehension and pronunciation skills so you can march even closer to speaking Italian and being fluent!

★For a detailed schedule of live lessons online go to: www.italymadeeasy.com/live

– Beginners – session in English
– Intermediate – session in Italian
– Advanced- session in Italian

Learn Italian online WITH ME here:

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Do you want to learn how to speak Italian because it is a romantic language? Maybe you want to become fluent in Italian and learn about the Italian culture because you want to impress your partner? Italy have many delicious foods, wines and coffee. The country and culture is beautiful and intimate. The language too, is melodic and romantic. If you want to learn or improve your Italian, Italy Made Easy has the online resources you need, to learn the Italian language online, and on your own. You can learn how to speak Italian fast! With us, you will actually speak Italian from day 1! We like to simplify the technical part of Italian, like Italian grammar, sentence structure and verb conjugations. We like to teach in a way that makes sense so you can quickly improve your Italian and speak Italian. Italy Made Easy will help you practice your Italian comprehension and pronunciation and you help you learn Italian vocabulary words, verbs and adjectives! If you want to learn how to speak Italian online, join our online Academy, today!

If you are planning travels to Italian or are wondering how to learn Italian fast, Italy Made Easy is a great resource for you! We offer PDFs, online videos and audios, and the the opportunity to speak to real Italians. After all, the reason why we learn new languages is because we want to eventually speak them, right? You can learn to speak Italian quicker if you have the right tools. Exposure is a big key to this. Expose yourself to Italian food, culture and the language. Surround yourself with Italy or the Italian Language and notice how many lessons and new information you pick up!
With Italy Made Easy, you will learn things like how to express emotions in Italian:
Happy – Felice
Sad – Triste
Angry – Arrabbiato


  1. mi piace questa programma perché mi hai fatto a capire e parlare la lingua italiana, prima temevo a parlare italiano.ho cominciato di imparare la lingua italiana da dieci mesi fa

  2. La parola più adatta per tutto quello che ha fatto è fantastico !!! Complimenti e grazie tantissime per inspirazione per studio che ricevo sempre di suoi video!

  3. To be honest I like when you speak english because it really helps me I know a lot of stuff but I forget because I learn it then I understand it then I forget and having you speak in italian would help but it is great if you use subtitles but I really like that you speak english and explain very well for learning I would say the best thing to do is organize so you make tables and you make a lot of notes try to learn how everything is used so if a word has many meanings write them down then the next time you see the word apply the meaning to that word so you can be able to understand it

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