Layered Mexican Salad! (Raw Vegan)

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Produced By: David Ordaz


  1. Where are the recipes that are based on the shopping list for the fourteen day Challenge I have a bunch of jicama and citrus and all romaine n don’t know what to do with it but make up my own stuff now lol

  2. Very nice! Two questions for you:
    #1 – Is there any way raw vegans can eat beans, such as pinto or black beans?
    #2 – Do you ever find a need for salt/sea salt?

  3. Salad looks amazing!  Except, iceburg lettuce has zero nutritional value.  Would haven been better with about 1 to 2 heads of romaine lettuce though.  Oooh!  Even better, one head of green romaine, and one head of rainbow romaine.  That would add an extra layer of color!  I’m definitely going to give this a try. Thanks!

  4. Just wondering why you used iceberg lettuce? I was under the impression, that there was next to zero nutrition in iceberg lettuce.  I’m not even allowed to feed it to my rabbit.
    What is the real story? I look forward to reading your reply.

  5. So I made it with a twist. I spirilized the zucchini and added dressing between layers . Squeezed some lime on top. Oh it was so good. I dont know why but big chunks of zucchini makes me wanna barf… question can I make dressing and leave them in rhe fridge or should raw dressing be used immediately?

  6. I can’t believe milk has blood and puss and everything else in it!!!! I’m glad I was reading through these comments!!!! Why would doctors tell us to give our babies milk if it has all that in it! I’m soooo mad right now! 🙁

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