Lasagna Recipe – (Low Carb Recipe) – Noodleless Lasagna

Homemade Meat and Cheese Lasagna the ultimate Italian Style Comfort Food! BUT if you’re on a low carb, ketogenic, gluten or wheat free diet, lasagna is off limits due to the noodles. But not anymore and NO this lasagna is NOT made with zucchini for the noodles, but actual ‘cheesy noodles’ that look and feel almost like real noodles, but they’re more delicious! This lasagna recipe is absolutely delicious, whether you’re on a low carb, keto, gluten free diet or not!

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  1. Or you could replace the pasta layers in a normal lasagna recipe with grilled zucchini or eggplant and enjoy just 3 or 6 grammes of carbohydrates per 100 grammes respectively without adding a veritable ton of calories and fats. Seriously, this thing is obesity and a heart attack in a casserole dish. While I generally don’t worry too much about how supposedly healthy or unhealthy a pareticular food item is, this is just clearly an exaggeration.

    Also, in America, how come ‘young’ cheeses are so dry? -you’ve got cream cheese and ricotta which nearly have the consistency of European buffel mozzarella and then you have ‘mozzarella’ which is as firm as gruyère and comtée. Actually, we get that last stuff as a pre-grated variety too. but nobody worth their salt in the kitchen uses it.

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