Kitchen Gadget – The Rollie Eggmaster Vertical Grill

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    Egg cooker is so great / Have 90% sales off from tomorrow…
    Family holidays are great, full of love, happiness, and tradition.But, let’s admit it, they can be very stressful. If you still haven’t experienced holiday-related stress, it probably means you don’t have a big family, or at least you are not cooking for all of them.Now, the Easter is just around the corner, and I’m not even telling you how many eggs I need to prepare. Boiling that many eggs at once, without any of them cracking is almost impossible.Of course, boiling them is just the beginning, then comes the dying, decorating and everything else.That’s how I came to an idea of buying the egg cooker. Why wouldn’t I make things easier for myself if I can?I’ll need an egg cooker that can cook a lot of eggs at the same time and that has useful features for other purposes besides boiling.So, after I’ve tried five of them and made my decision, I decided to share my experience with you

  2. The Rollie + the Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker + the Bacon Express = 20 X price of a non stick frying pan in B&M , which can also be used to make pancakes, paella, ratatouille, Bolognese sauce, full English breakfast, bubble and squeak, steak, chops, sautéed potatoes, sausages, mushrooms, pak choi. Well, basically anything edible that can be cooked by chucking it onto a hot, flat surface, with containing sides. In other words, a sturdy workhorse drops it’s manure on one trick ponies.

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