KISSES ON CHRISTMAS | Vegan Xmas | Jake & Nicole

KISSES ON CHRISTMAS. We had an amazing first Christmas together. In today’s vlog we opened presents, made a vegan breakfast, played with marshmallows, went to the movies to see Jumanji and made an amazing vegan Christmas dinner. We totally forgot to show you guys what presents we got each other but we’ll show you in the next video that we put out on January first!!!!

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Welcome To Our Channel | Our First #Couples #Vlog Video. Nicole and Jake embark on a crazy vlog #adventure that can make us or break us. So, join us for this crazy adventure here on our new video blog channel! #couple #couplesvlog #couplesblog #vegan #veganfood #vegandinner

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1. Jupiter One by Riot
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  1. Its so refreshing to see two happy and genuine inspires me . I can literally see the happiness flowing from both of you..its magic. Thanks for all your efforts in these videos..Jon..Australia.

  2. You have lost me mate! You comment here that your YouTube content is purely -Vegan, gardening and martial arts! You say Anything personal and relationship related is off limits. Then I see you are featured in a new YouTube channel that’s a ‘relationship vlog’ with new lover girl Nicole! Don’t be easily coerced by others bro- keep your grounding!

  3. Jake, you’ve always seemed like a happy guy but seeing you these days it’s like a whole new level of happy. I loved your plant episodes but it’s also so fun & sweet to watch your love grow with Nicole!

  4. Have been loving these videos!! You both make me laugh and I have enjoyed seeing all your adventures. You have inspired my boyfriend and I to get out and do more and it’s been awesome!!! Looking forward to more videos and laughs from you two 🙂

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