KIMCHI Nappa Cabbage RAW VEGAN (my first video)

Making homemade KIMCHI is not that hard..!! I’m Korean.. and I can’t live without it..!
so let me show you how to make the cleanest and the most healthiest KIMCHI ever..!! (VEGAN)
But they could be also very high in sodium.. so make sure to eat them with clean Carbs like Rice..!!

I also post short vegn asian recipe videos on instagram…
come and see…. 🙂 @mommytang

also check Freelee the banana girl for more info on RAWTILL4 diet.. or just going VEGAN…! ( I lost over 50lb+ on this diet thanks to her!!!!!!)


  1. she went from, -classical music playing, God in the background with fluffy clouds and rainbows- Hello ladies and gentlemen, i am the sophisticated, proper mommytang..To ‘wassup bitches its mommytang, fuck sinks.’

  2. Oh my god mommy tang after seeing your later videos this video mommy tang doesn’t even sound like you 😂 btw I love your personality now btw I miss your videos please be back love you xoxoxo

  3. Can you please tell me what’s the difference between raw and normal (cooked I think? 😅) Kimchi? I’m not Korean. Also, is it important to use garlic??

  4. I finally tried your kimchi recipe last week and had it for lunch today, OMG it is so good Mommy Tang. I usually make my kimchi with ginger and onion in the sauce. It taste so different with mushroom, kumbu, and just garlic and scallions. I didn’t have any red bell pepper so used only the red pepper flakes, but I LOVE this recipe. Ate 1/2 a quart with rice and another recipe of yours, the sweet potato with onions tempura on one of your other Youtube video. Just called my sister and told her how good it tasted and she was peeling her yams in the kitchen to make some for herself as we hung up the phone. Haven’t seen any new post so I’ve been rewatching the old ones. Sure do miss you Mommy Tang : (. Hope you’ll come back to Youtube again.

  5. oh thank the lord i love kimchi and now there is a vegan kimchi thank you mommy tang im also a vegan beginner your videos has really helped me so much thank you

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