Keto chicken and sausage vegetable soup – soup recipes – ketogenic – low carb – how to make soup

I am a huge fan of eating low carb soups and salads all year. Mainly because I can get tons of servings of vegetables and lots of nutritional value without a ton of empty calories. This Keto chicken and sausage soup are one of the simplest soup recipes and chicken recipes for those that do not want to spend all day prepping food. This is the perfect recipe for anyone doing the ketogenic diet also.


  1. Making a grocery list and checking it twice, because I don’t want to forget anything. Body is craving soup. This is a wonderful recipe, and you can alter it/swap out some things for others and still be keto. Solid basic soup recipe.

  2. This looks good. I will be making it. I love soup. Especially left over. I just went everywhwere today looking for kielbasa without nitrates. I can’t find any. Anyone have any ideas? In US. Costco maybe. I don’t live near a Sam’s.

  3. 🍜 Freshly prepared soup is always a food pleasure to enjoy ; appreciate it being KETO ! Thanks for sharing your time and recipes with your viewers ! ✌ & 👍👍

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