Kale Smoothie Recipe – Green Smoothie Recipe – Vegan/Vegetarian Smoothie Shake

Kale smoothie lover here. Kale is so versatile, and though I have never had a green smoothie before, I think Kale is the perfect green to start off my green kale smoothie journey.

Yields: 3 Large Kale Smoothie Servings

Adapted from:
Smoothie Handbook These Kale Recipes Will Blast Your Cravings Away!

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Kale Smoothie Recipe – Green Smoothie Recipe

What do you need to make a vegan kale smoothie:

1 ripe banana
1 cup strawberries
1 cup coconut milk or diary free milk alternative
1 cup ice cubes
1/4 lb kale leaves

How to make a vegan kale smoothie:

Blend together the banana, strawberry, coconut milk, ice cubes, and kale leaves until very smooth.

If you can see bits of Kale leaves, you will have to chew little bits of kale, so blend well.

Enjoy you vegan/vegetarian kale smoothie.

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  1. There is so much you can do with kale – just discovered it myself – I make a kale shake also with coconut milk, banana, 2 mushrooms (seriously, try it), papaya and mango – yummy and healthy, OMG!

  2. HEY cool vids! I just started my own Vegan channel, take a look if you get a chance 🙂 slightly different but it`s AALLL vegan and AAALLL good hehe 🙂

  3. It’s great. I usually get the organic baby leaf kind that’s in s clear tub at Krogers…another green is dandelion leaf…but u got to wash it good…I get that from meijer, can’t find it anywhere else : but its all tasty.

  4. I noticed you had a canning jar for you drink. See if your blender bottom and blade fit that jar. I use a Ball jar with my blender bottom/blades, works like a bullet Sometimes you may have to take the jar off and shake. As soon as I get more kale I’m gonna try this smoothie. Just made the kale chips but ate them as soon as they were done. Love your videos. Thumbs up

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