Jamie Oliver – Quick & Easy Food recipes – Episode 5

Jamie Oliver – Quick & Easy Food recipes – Episode 5

James Trevor Oliver, MBE (born 27 May 1975) is a British celebrity chef and restaurateur. He is most known for his typically English cuisine that has garnered him numerous television shows and restaurants.

Born and raised in the village of Clavering, Essex, he was educated in London before taking his first culinary engagement at Antonio Carluccio’s Neal Street restaurant as a pastry chef. When he moved to serve as a sous chef at the River Cafe he was noticed by the BBC and in 1999 debuted his television show, The Naked Chef which was followed by his first cook book subsequently becoming the No. 1 best-seller in the UK. After his Naked Chef Series he was endorsed by multiple companies and expanded his television capacity to include a documentary called Jamie’s Kitchen; garnering him an invitation from the Prime Minister to 10 Downing Street. In June 2003, Oliver was honoured as a Member of the Order of the British Empire.


  1. … To be delicious is like you said., you have to have the BEST ingradients. Your cook book is only for the rich people… 950 ml of the best oliven oil cost almost 1,000 €. the poor gets the last drops and on top of it aramotisieted.. All these good products that your presenting, are very, very expensive.. so for poor people… is a no go… Tun fish, scalops, You will probably sale many cook book to the rich people… I have the time to cook, I just don´t have the money to by the expensive ingridients…

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