This video is so funny hahaha This is what happens when you serve this type of Italian food to an Italian. Watch the video to see the Italian reaction to some of the most popular Italian dishes served in Italian-American Restaurants. Italians are very proud of their food and food is one of the most important things in Italian culture. Italian cuisine is well respected all over the globe and it’s been ranked in the top 3 cuisines in the world for many many years. Italian cuisine vary from city to city and from region to region and every dish has a story and tradition. Eating Italian food should be a memorable experience. There are so many different recipes in Italy and Italians who live in Italy haven’t tried all of them yet. Next time you order a chicken pasta or alfredo pasta think twice. Don’t waste your money for popular food but instead learn more about Italian culture and it’s food. For Italians Food is more important then the bible.



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    This is the reason why Italians are so protective of their food. We make amazing food and we don’t want anyone to bastardize it or play with it if you don’t have the knowledge. Our food is an experience…BTW you can do what you want and eat what you want but if you are open minded you will learn something from this article and this video. and yes this food is fast food quality which is what most of people eat. You might be aware that is not great quality but some people eat it all the time so instead of getting upset help to teach these people that what they are eating is wrong.

  2. Troppo divertente leggere i commenti dei non italiani che pensano di farci lezioni di cucina come se noi non avessimo una cultura culinaria. Non disdegno il cibo straniero perché a me piace il sushi per esempio, oppure i Noodles, oppure i würstel, oppure i tacos, oppure l’ottima pasticceria francese ecc. Questi sono esempi stupidi e so benissimo che le cucine di cui ho citato alcuni piatti hanno moltissime altre cose buone e che ci sono un sacco di altre cucine da scoprire con piatti buoni da assaggiare ma io ritengo la cucina italiana migliore al mondo perché rispetto alle altre è più completa e primeggia in tutti i settori: basti pensare alla varietà dei formaggi, alla varietà della carne, dei dolci, del pane e di moltissime altre cose. Non voglio offendere la gente degli altri Paesi anche perché io adoro le cucine straniere, adoro scoprire cose nuove su altre culture, ma la cucina italiana è ottima anche perché l’Italia, al contrario degli USA, che sono stati fondati da dei coloni inglesi che hanno ucciso quasi tutti gli indiani d’America, ha una lunghissima storia e quindi c’è anche una grande cultura. Detto ciò bisogna apprezzare le cucine degli altri ma è ovvio che se presentate a degli italiani dei piatti come quelli nel video si arabbieranno perché quei piatti sono un insulto alla cucina italiana. Non ho voglia di tradurre tutto questo commento in inglese però una cosa la dico in inglese affinché i non italiani capiscano: IN ITALY WE DON’T EAT ONLY PIZZA AND PASTA BUT THERE ARE A MANY TYPES OF ITALIAN FOOD. IN ITALY THERE ARE 20 REGIONS WITH DIFFERENT DIALECTS, TRADITIONS AND FOOD. OUR FOOD IS THE BEST BECAUSE ITALIAN CUISINE IS VARIEGATED. WE HAVE A LONG HISTORY AND A GREAT CULTURE. ITALY COULD BE A POWERFUL STATE LIKE USA BUT OUR GOVERNMENT SUCKS AND THE POLITICS ARE CORRUPTED BY MAFIA AND THERE IS A BIG INEQUALITY BETWEEN NORHERN SOUTHERN AND CENTRE ITALY.

  3. all these butthurt americans in the comments lmao. americans ruin literally every single type of foreign food they encounter bc they dont have a real culture & then they tell us we’re overreacting coglioni non sapete neanche fare un piatto di pasta in bianco ma pretendete di essere i migliori di tutti, che ridicoli

  4. Lol, I live in Italy and many of my italian friends eat in MacDo or KFC almost each day. They eat hamburgers, fries with coca-cola and they are happy. So it seems to be a fake video.

  5. Italians are used to eating real food. The reason this crap food exists in America is that the people buy it and don’t know any better. The corporations laugh at you when you buy this crap, if you don’t know what good food is, just give some to your dog if he does not eat it you shoudn’t either.

  6. When conducting that type of experiment, try it with young people (kids), young adults (20s-30s even 40s) and people above 50 years old. What I have noticed is that older people tend to rely from memory quite more when comparing stuff, and end up considering their memories quite better compared to what you gave them, specially so with regional food from their birthplace compared to the same food prepared elsewhere.

    Younger people tend to be more open and give you a more fair point of view. People in their 30s-40s I have seen have a tendency to behave more like the older people. Of course I have been able to observe that because the place where I live is comprised mainly of migrants, less than 50% of the population in Baja has been born in this state in México, most people come from Sinaloa, Sonora and similar states (they flee from violent states and states with no money). And curiously they mostly live talking marvelous stuff about their natal places and how everything is wonderful and better than where they live right now. People from Sinaloa tend to eat more in places that they know are owned by fellow sinaloans, same thing with people from Sonora or other states.

  7. That same thing happens here in México with mexican food. If you live in the north and serve tacos to a southerner they will instantly tell you that it is a shitty taco because it doesn’t taste like the one they buy where they live, same thing with almost any food. Specially people from Sinaloa… damn.

    I once, for kicks, bought coricos (a type of pastry made with maize flour) in the state of Sinaloa, then I gave some to my family when I got home in Baja, I told them I had bought them in our mutual state of Sonora, they went off ranting about what a piece of crap the corico was, that the ones they liked were the ones from Sinaloa. Then I gave them some I bought in Sonora and told them they were from Sinaloa and they loved them.

    Once I revealed to them what I had done, they told me I was lying, because they can recognize them. Go figure.

  8. I must say that maybe they make this dishes not at their best, i work oversea and is like going to a forced diet, truly you cant eat well like in ITALY. This August after ten years i went back home i enjoyed everything.
    Gelato, not ice cream, can be enjoyed only there, pizza everywhere taste divine ‘ in Napoli is amazing but you can find it nice even outside Napoli ( i suggest to test the Napoli pizzeria at the airport of Fiumicino at the international departure). But Italy is not only gelato and pizza , there are thousand of dishes to enjoy , from pastas to second dishes , fish and meat, cheese and desserts.
    Coming back from Monte Argentario ( where we eat extremely well ) we stop in Tarquinia to visit the town, randomly we stay for dinner at the restaurant Arcadia, we order tortellacci neri ( like tortellini but bigger, with squid ink added in the dough) filled with salmon, topped with langostine , dried tomato and lemon zest, that was food porn!
    I am sorry for everybody that was forced to eat Italian food out of Italy.
    About italo-american food: when Italian arrived to america they had to cook with what they find available, so their cuisine was resembling the Italian but tasting quite differently, anyway this poor Italian immigrants they try their best with what they had and like we say in Italy , hungry is the best seasoning. Probably years later this kind of dishes get even worse loosing more and more the little Italian identity they had.
    For anyone that went to Italy and affirm the food was bad i have two solution
    one: you have eat in cheap places probably owned by some foreigners, but still i find it strange, example Sicily was voted the best street food in the word.
    two: after years of bad food you tasting buds are similar to that of a rhino, not really capable to process taste.
    PS: pasta must cook for 8 min, not one hour.

  9. You would find this reaction from any nation, notice there is a chef and two older people in the sample. I am Hungarian and hate it when people say they are cooking Goulash and produce a beef stew, its not a stew, its a soup. Most of these examples are the worst I have seen and if I was Italian I would have the same reaction. Good food cooked well in any style should be eatable and taste nice, if it does not then the chef has not cooked it right, regardless where it originates from.

  10. One thing that is true about Italian American food — the generation from 1940-1990, even the old timers, improvised shortcuts that took a lot of the complexity and flavor out of the food, probably because they didn’t understand what was really going on when they learned from their parents, but also because ingredients had to be substituted. Then the current generation had to try to put back what was lost.

    By the way, it’s hard to judge spaghetti and meatballs. Even among Italians, every family has their own trademark way of making meatballs. Some use high fat beef and lots of bread (to soak the grease) and it tastes delicious but isn’t healthy at all. On the other hand, some use a bit of spices and a lean beef with hardly much bread at all, and it isn’t so tasty and comes out a little tougher (unless you are literally simmering it for hours in sauce) but it’s healthy. Whichever one you grew up with, that’s going to be the one you call “real Italian”.

  11. Pizzas are not too different. Flour, water, oil, yeast are the same thing on every place. Tomato, mozzarella cheese is very alike in any country. . . This is “FRESCURA” like we call in Brazil.

  12. You can tell that they were primed to refuse it from the start and that it was cold. I will agree that fresh is best, but there is no place in business nowadays that sells this crap. If you are trying to make fun of shitty lazy italian americans that is basically what you just did. *EDIT* I agree with their final thoughts though .. americans are too tempted by fast and easy food and should respect it more.

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