Italian Lesson n.3 – Italian Basic Words

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In this third lesson we will take a look at the Italian basic words and expressions. If you want to start speaking Italian, first you have to know these important words. If you have any questions just mail me or contact me on Skype.
Enjoy it =D!


  1. There are several ideas for how to learn Italian
    Decide precisely why you want to speak Italian
    Try to speak Italian in your everyday life
    Find which method works for you the best.
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  3. Great lessons! 🙂 The best language in the World, really beautiful and totally worth to learn it. I’ve learned this language when i was in Italy and now, eeeh, it’s so nice to hear somebody speaking italian again, specially that you have the tipical italian accent when you speak english, wich reminds me about my italian friends.. 😉 Really good job, easy to understand and well organized lessons, well done 🙂 

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