Italian Food – Zeppole / Le Marche, Italy

Italian dessert Zeppole is from the Le Marche region of Italy. Chef Frank Terranova from Johnson & Wales, located in Providence Rhode Island joins Italian Broadcasting Company and to bring you the very best in authentic Italian cooking and Italian food. Click to find your Italy tour.


  1. We would love to invite you to come and stay at Bella Vallone when you next visit Le Marche! We’ll help you fall in love with this magic region. Lots of great local restaurants close by too – you may never want to leave our little slice of paradise!

  2. Well, you most likely won’t like what I have to say, but, some of the best Italian cooks were born in America, they are second, third and fourth generation born, when my mother traveled to Italy, she spent two months there, she traveled from South to North, an important point to make about Italian cooking is this, the cuisine varies from region to region, now you don’t need a degree to know this, however my mother found it a little disappointing there. She said Italian food tastes the best here.

  3. Man don’t get me wrong I like most of Italian food however there are some dishes that I don’t, That’s all, I didn’t mean to offend you I apologize

  4. Theres no best food in the world, chinese and mexican are very popular too however that doesn’t mean they are the best, Italian food just have good marketing. Most culrure have thousands of dishes too, and you are the looser because you think yopu are the best hahaha but one thing is for sure i really enjoy to read how fanatic people like you get ofended hahahaha

  5. IMHO – Italian food much, like Mexican food – and also Asian food here in the United States is nothing like the authentic thing. You eat this processed crap they sell in the restaurants and fast food joints and call it real ethnic food. Go to the home country and try the real thing. That will then qualify you to make a judgement…

  6. Listen,
    to you in may not be the best in the world. I did travel around. I have eaten other foods. Keep your comment of ignorance to yourself. You obviously come from a a third world country who doesn’t know shit moron.

  7. why do you insult me?? I didn’t say Italian food is bad, and I am sorry is not the best of the world is just popular but not the best it is like mexican food very popular but not the best so get over it. you need to travel more honey

  8. Informati, esistono quasi in ogni regione del centro-sud e probabilmente hanno origini pugliesi, che poi da Napoli provengano molti dolci squisiti non si discute, ma da qui a dare dell’idiota a qualcuno ce ne passa…

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