Italian Cream Soda – Starbucks Copycat Recipe

Italian cream sodas are surprising easy to make. This recipe is tasty and cheap to make. It’s way cheaper than buying it from Starbucks 😉

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  1. I make redbull infused Italian sodas on the mornings I am extreamly tired. (I don’t drink coffee). You basically use half club soda, half red bull. Raspberry or strawberry Torani. I usually use regular milk for this because the half and half will curdle. Always put your milk in last and stir. Don’t forget the whipped cream and star sprinkles.Don’t judge until you try it Even people who hate redbull like this drink.

  2. Don’t forget to add some Star sprinkles. It adds an extra cuteness and color. ♡ I use either whipping cream or half and half. Whipping cream is better if you like it sweet.

  3. i actually use whipping cream instead of half and half and it really good. But i bet half and half is just as great. I love these things because my family does not drink (mormon) so this is so good and there is no alchoal

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