Italian Cooking: Filipino Cooking: Spaghetti puttanesca: An Original Filipino/Italian Recipe

This is a pasta dish from the Philippines. It is actually a fusion dish of Italian and Filipino cultures in food. This is Filipino Pasta Puttanesca. Pasta Puttanesca is the pasta of the whores in Italy. This is a classic dish in Italy and now it is a classic in the Philippines as well! The recipe can be found below! Enjoy!

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1 Lbs. Pasta of choice
4-6 cloves of garlic, minced
2- Tsp. Anchovy paste or 1 flat of anchovies.
3-4 Tbsp. Minced capers
4 shallots finely sliced or diced.
2-4 plum tomatoes deseeded and diced or ½ or 14oz can plum tomatoes crushed or
1 cup finely chopped mushrooms.
5 to 10 Tuyo herring, shreaded with fork or finely chopped.
1 siling labuyo/birds eye chili, halved, remove seeds and chopped or some red chili flakes.
1 Cup fresh basil leaves chopped.
½ Cup of black olives roughly chopped.
½ Cup green olives roughly chopped.
4 Tbsp. olive oil + extra if needed for cooking.
1 Can chicken stock to use as needed to keep sauce flowing.
Black or white pepper to taste.
1 tablespoon of fresh lemon or lime juice or Calamansi Lime juice is optional.
Italian cheese for topping I used Gorgonzola.


Add olive oil to large skillet and heat it up on medium.
Now add 2-3 Tbsp. anchovy paste and mix into oil well.
Reduce heat if necessary to not burn the anchovy paste.
Add garlic, black and green olives, shallots, capers, and your chopped tomatoes and saute until garlic is soft and anchovy pastes melts into the oil and ingredients.
Now add your mushrooms into the mixture and mix well.
Now it’s time to add your Tuyo herring to the skillet and mix in well cook 2-3 minutes
Add some chicken stock to the skillet to keep the sauce from getting to dry.
Now black or white pepper to taste. If you feel there is enough salt from the anchovy paste then just add some pepper to taste. You can also add some red chili flake or birds eye chili to make this puttanesca spicy if you want.
Now add your lime or lemon juice and chopped basil leaves and serve immeadiately with grated Italian cheese or your choice.

NOTE: You must soak your herring for at least ten minutes to soften and get rid of excess salt and then under running water rub the scales and skin away with your thumbs and forefingers and then soak again another ten minutes and then cut or chop to use in the pasta dish.


  1. Hi there Richard.. Yes its a good recipe with a good taste..thank you so much for showing a Filipino dishes. I salute you for that.. Thank you and more power for us.. Hehehe also. My channel. Godbless always

  2. Italian Cooking: Filipino Cooking: Spaghetti puttanesca: An Original Filipino/Italian Recipe

    Well, This is my first post here are Ricetta Gourmet and I want to thank Franco for the invite! This dish is a fusion dish that brings the flavor and recipes of Italy in contact with the flavors of Filipino cooking. This is a new type of recipe fusion going on in the finest restaurants in the Philippines. This is Filipino Pasta Puttanesca! This type of fusion is not much unlike the fusion of Italian cuisine and Japanese cuisine going on in Japan called Yoshoku food or Wafu food! This is a pungent and flavorful dish! Enjoy this version of Pasta Puttanesca! The Pasta Of The Whores!

    Italian Cooking: Filipino Cooking: Spaghetti puttanesca: An Original Filipino/Italian Recipe

  3. Italian Cooking: Filipino Cooking: Spaghetti puttanesca: An Original Filipino/Italian Recipe

    This is a new style of fusion food in the Philippines where they take Italian dishes and fuse them with Filipino ingredients and flavors much like the Japanese that make Italian dishes that they refer to as “Japanized” and is called Wafu food or Yoshoku food. If you like Puttanesca the Italian way then you need to try it the Filipino way as well. Enjoy!

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    Italian Cooking: Filipino Cooking: Spaghetti puttanesca: An Original Filipino/Italian Recipe

  4. This seafood sauce was looking great and then you put the fresh Basil, WOW. Never seen a Filipino Pasta recipe but I must say Richard this is quite different than I thought it would be… but I bet it tasted great! Nice.

  5. Another amazing dish Richard! Beautiful dish filled with amazing layers of flavors! I love the Filipino Italian marriage of  this dish! absolutely mouthwatering! thansk for sharing another incredible delicious looking recipe! I loved this one!

  6. Damn that looks incredible.  I gotta find that salted sun dried herring.
    Puttanesca is my favorite pasta dish.  And your kitchen can’t smell any fishier than it does at my house on Christmas eve when I do the feast of the seven fishes.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. 

  7. WOW, talk about a layers and layers of flavors Richard!  There’s not a thing I DON’T like about this dish!  YUM!!!  Give me the whole fish, I ain’t skeered! 

  8. Im good  Richard…..always cooking for my family….last night I made tom yom gung soup…I made it so hot that everybody was coughing while it was cooking… was so delicious…we eat it a llllll….also i saw recipe for korean fried chicken which is very popular in korea…. I would love to try that….

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