Irish Apple Crumble (Baking with My Mum in Ireland for Christmas) – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking 49

My Christmas in Ireland: Baking Apple Crumble with my Mum.

Hi Bold Bakers! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! I’m at home in Ireland, so I thought I’d cook with my mum in our family kitchen. We’re making the very first dessert we baked together: a traditional Irish Apple Crumble. Plus, we’ll share some stories and even show you how to whip cream to complement this lovely dessert. So let’s get Christmas baking!

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Irish Apple Crumble

4 Bramley cooking apples (or what ever cooking apples you use)
¼ Cup (2oz/50g) granulated sugar/ caster sugar
(150g/6oz/ ¾ Cup) plain flour (also works well with gluten-free flour)
¾ Cup (3oz/75g) salted butter, cold
¼ Cup (2oz/50g) granulated sugar/ caster sugar
1 lemon juiced to stop the apples turning brown

1. First, you need to prepare the apples. Core and chop the apples into 1-2cm chunks.
2. Put the apples into an ovenproof dish. Toss in some lemon juice juice to stop it going brown. Sprinkle over the sugar
3. Place the flour and the sugar in a mixing bowl. Add the butter and use your hands to mix rub in the butter until the mixture resembles large breadcrumbs. Pour this evenly on top of the apple.
4. The crumble topping can be made a day in advance and it can also be frozen.
5. Bake the crumble at 180C/350F for 35/45 minutes or until nicely browned on top and the apples are bubbling. Eat hot from the oven with whipped cream. Enjoy!


  1. You and your Mum are so sweet together and beautiful, too! I grew up with that same casserole dish, too, and I actually have three of them right now. There are some dairies here in Pennsylvania, USA, where we can buy cream and butter from grass-fed cows, and it’s so very good!

  2. I needed some ” baking therapy” after a stressful weekend doing assignments.So i decided to try this recipe- the therapy is starting to work just by smelling it baking ☺ It should be ready in 10 minutes , mmmmm, i can’t wait😜

  3. Loved the apple crumble and made some for my your mum too. Is that a regular silverware your are using or it’s a baking plate because I have something like that and would love to try baking with it.

  4. Exact same recipe I used in school in London except we added mixed spice. I followed your mother’s instructions today but used unrefined brown sugar and tweaked the topping by adding some ground almonds and a few crushed walnuts. It’s lovely but sometimes poignant how dishes evoke memories. Thank you.

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