Instant Pot Chicken and Rice – Pressure Cooker Recipe

Hello Everyone! Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Chicken and Rice is the ultimate comfort food. Pressure cooking chicken and rice in the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker is a terrific recipe for one pot cooking. Soft and delicious chicken along with flaky Rice; with the sweet taste of carrots and mushrooms and onions Is fantastic is delicious. It’s a great recipe to use in your instant pot. This recipe serves about 4 to 5 people.

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  3. Hi, I tried this tonight and followed the directions exactly but my rice came out mushy. Not sure where I went wrong. Used jasmine rice and rinsed it very well. I think maybe I need to cut back on the amount of broth suggested.

  4. Omg!!! I just bought the Instant Pot and I’m getting excited to use it. Thank you for this. Fast and easy without a lot of talking. I also watched the rib video.👍👍

  5. Family not big on mushrooms. What can I use instead ? I just bought myself a instant pot and learning how to use it. I work night shift and I go in at 7 get off at 1 am. I do 12 twice a week and I watch you to get fast meals

  6. Hey Jason , I LOVE the Videos and the good recipes! You also are a Good friend of my Dad so whenever there is a new Video my dad and I try it out. Keep posting!:)

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