INSTANT POT Beef Stew!! || FIRST TIME Using The Instant Pot! || Cook Dinner With ME!

Hey guys! Today I am using my Instant Pot for the first time! We are making Instant Pot Beef Stew! I was so excited about how great it turned out! So come along and cook dinner with me!

The original recipe was for beef stew cooked in the slow coooer, but I modified it for the Instant Pot.

Original recipe:

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  1. Hi Fallon…just wanted to tell you I made your Beef Stew in my Instant Pot tonight. It was easy and delish! I have had my Instant Pot almost a year and used it twice. Your videos (step by step instructions) have walked me right through your recipes. I thank you so much. Please vlog any and all your Instant Pot recipes. Keep them coming and I will get more comfortable using this wonderful but intimidating appliance. You are a great teacher!

  2. I got an Instantpot a year ago at Christmas and I’m just now experimenting with recipes. My favorites so far are baked potatoes, chicken noodle soup and sausage, peppers and onions!

  3. Boil your eggs in it… 5 min and they always peel easy! Also if making potato salad you can cook the potatoes and eggs in there together. We do our “baked potatoes ” in there for like 12-15 min depending on size. Roasts are great and fast in it. I use it for everything now!

  4. I have been saying for a few months Falon needs an instant Pot. There is sooo many recipes on youtube and pinterest I always sauté my meat  to brown it in the pot then add the liquids. It can make chicken breast Fast. Everyone I know is a little intimidated by it at first. Mine sat around 2 weeks before I got up the nerve to use it. Try the Mississippi roast in it sooo good.

  5. That instapot seems cool! I wonder if you could add cornstarch to thicken it up a little? Girl you can’t have no meal plan when Titus wants taco Tuesday every day of the week lol lol lol lol oh yea I seen a recipe on pintrest for taco pasta salad & I think y’all would really like it. I would love to see you & Titus make it one day. Lol 🙂

  6. I love that you shared a recipe using the Instant pot. I have yet to try mine. I also love how you all cook & love onions as much as I do. Awesome video!! Thanks for sharing!!! 💗💗💗

  7. That looked very tasty! Gland “your friend” sent you a new instapot, the other one should not have stopped working already! I know your birthday is coming up but I can’t remember the date! Would you be willing to share it please? ♥️💙💜 thank you 😊

  8. The instructions that come with the Instant Pot are horrible. I always end up having to just wing it and figure it out on my own. That takes time (which the pot is supposed to save, right?), so I love watching videos for cooking ideas instead. Keep them coming! 🙂

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