Hi all

As usual our lazy Sunday routine we feel Sunday’s should be the day where we think only to take rest rest but and end of the day we end up doing whole lot of work without any rest……

Hope you all love it !!!!!


  1. Very nice video , watching ur videos my mind gets refreshed , ur daughter very cute and smart, I wanted a suggestion from u how ur child listen to u, my child is 4 year old girl , at home she listens but at school and other places she doesn’t listen , she is very good at education, hyperactive child , can u plz tell me from ur experience

  2. Hi ya…I am also a working mom like u. Same story here.. myself and my daughter are vegetarians and my husband is a non vegetarian.. many resembles in us

  3. Mishi is the cutest. Stirring the chutney and helping mommy! Bt please do vlogs in english so that everyone can understand. You can always add subtitles in tamil

  4. Hai sis u doing a great job .. but you need to improve little more if you have no topic to speak in your vlog tell any Tamil history for people for a day it’s use full to your challel members to know about oru Tamil history . You make it a part in your vlog for teach your son

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