IHOP Breakfast Pancakes FEAST MUKBANG Eating Show & Unboxing

I am munching on an IHOP breakfast pancakes feast for today’s Mukbang ASMR video. We have buttermilk pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, real maple syrup, fried eggs, hash brown, coffee, cashew milk, peanut butter, banana, sourdough toast, and butter. We are feasting! I have more pancakes in this meal than the IHOP unlimited pancakes!! I am also doing an unboxing of a gift I got sent to my P.O. Box. Thank you so much!! xoxo

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Please grab your favorite meal and eat with me, or just sit back and enjoy the eating show and watch me eat.

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  1. Girl cut your damn food and why do you always say my friends and swallow your food before you drink you will choke. I have gone to IHOP it is gross! Stop smacking.

  2. I love ❤️ you so much , you showed be my life would be complete with out eating I starved my self because people called me fat ! But when I look at you I am like you are perfect and you don’t care what people think . Thank you for teaching me not to care what people think

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