How To Set Your Table for Christmas /Christmas Table Centerpiece Ideas / Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Christmas Table Centerpiece Ideas / How To Set Your Table for christmas

On this video wanted you to help me decide what tablescape looks better for my christmas home tour,I will show you three different ideas on how to set your table for christmas this year


  1. Dearest Ramon. I just discovered your videos today. Even though it’s after the holidays I’ve gotten so many ideas for next year and I hope to pick up your accessories in my travels. Thanks so much for your wonderful inspirations. I catch you as much as I can in the future. (How’s your aunt doing?) xo

  2. Hi Ramon. I’ve just started watching recently and I’m loving it all that I’ve seen you do. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I love all 3 but I think the 1st I may watch again.

  3. The only problem with tall decorations on the table, you can’t see the people sitting across from you. Also, if the decorations take up a lot of table space, there’s barely enough room for the dishes and glasses.

  4. Ramon I love the longleaf pine garland! Gorgeous! Do you recall where you purchased it? Merry Christmas to you and keep up the beautiful work you are doing and sharing!

  5. I love The second idea Because is the mix with Christmas and Little masculine way very unique so I love thank you for share they great ideas I love your video .

  6. Hi, love the third idea, but it is beautiful to see it not for having dinner you need more space for the guest. This is the best table scape, do you have a larger table?

  7. You are such a joy to watch Ramon!!!  They are all great settings but I think I will be using #3 as my inspiration to set my 8 person table with the long needle pine…so pretty and festive!!!

  8. Hi Ramon, I have to say that i love table three. Its so beautiful. I think i will try this setting for my table this year. Thank you so much for your input. I just subscribed to your channel and i am so excited to see more of your show . Again thank you for all the beautiful centerpiece’s. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  9. Hi Ramon my dear friend! OMG I love them all, but I can’t decide, lol. The first look I really loved the trees! The second look, I loved how you incorporated the blue and white, and the third one I really loved the arrangement and dramatic look! So I guess I will go for #3 but I would just be concerned about if there is enough room for the eating, since my table seems to always end up without decor on the actual day of entertaining because of the decor, lol. I love them all! I am so restraining myself from seeing your tour, as I wanted to watch in order lol! Love ya my friend! Many Holiday Blessings! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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