How To Season A Turkey

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If you want to have the most flavorful turkey on your table this year, then you need to learn how to season it. This page will walk you through the basic steps for each of these techniques, teaching you how to season a turkey so that it’s moist, flavorful, and delicious.

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  1. I stopped watching when I realized she didn’t wash hands before opening the fridge, but it seems normal for her, because 2 days later she is still wearing the same clothes…ewwwwww

  2. if you leave your turkey in the fridge opened like that you are cross contaminating your entire fridge. The bacteria become airborne. You have to cover it!

  3. so after rubbin it down with butter it goes in the oven? what about the other video, dryin it off so that when the turkey cooks it wont dry out?

  4. Some turkeys have a salt solution in it already, what then? I guess around the holidays, we all have a big empty fridge, just waiting for a uncovered turkey to sit in it for 2 days. I don’t think you should let the bird come to room temp, then put it back in the cold fridge, I thought you do that before cooking. Most likely liquid is gonna run out from the bird, so it’s gonna be messy uncovered. I would season it while still cold, then put it in a bag. I know it won’t air dry, but I don’t have a walk in fridge, and don’t wanna get sick, this holiday. When you brine chicken it’s still cold, and it works just as well.

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