How to prepare vegan Mango Panna Cotta | Italian Dessert Recipe

(How to prepare vegetarian Mango Panna Cotta / Italian Dessert Recipe / आम का पन्ना / Dessert Recipe To Celebrate Rakshabandhan / Easy, Creamy Mango Pudding Recipe).

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Mango Panna Cotta is the famous Italian pudding dessert recipe. It’s a softly set pudding that is firm, but velvety smooth. It’s made in many flavors including lemon, coconut, vanilla, strawberry, etc. So today I prepared it with fresh mangoes and coconut milk. It’s creamy, rich and velvety Panna Cotta made with fresh mangoes, in a way that no one can resist. If you love Mangoes, then this could become your favorite dessert.
The settling and thickening ingredient in this vegan or vegetarian Panna Cotta is agar agar powder and not gelatin.
This dessert is a chilled dessert, so it is an excellent dessert for the parties. Though you have to refrigerate this dessert for a couple of hours to set, it is easy to make in 10 minutes.

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