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Watch how to turn saltine crackers into what will become one of your family’s favorite holiday cookies. This recipe is so easy, and the result is delicious, chocolaty toffee bars that won’t last long on your holiday table.





  1. This is so cool! I tried it and my mistake can be just another way to do it. I followed all the steps except I forgot to put the crackers in the oven after the toffee and put the chocolate chips on top. They didn’t melt so I put the whole thing in the oven. They melted a little but not completely. So I smoothed what I could and put on my walnuts. They were still amazing!! Just little chunks of unmelted chocolate. Thanks for the recipe, I’ve never heard of this.

  2. My grandmother got this recipe from a KC television station back in the early 80’s. She made them all the time, minus the nuts. Keep them in the fridge and they are excellent served cold.

  3. I’ve had/made these for years (family gatherings) use the best crackers you can not “bargain brands” as you don’t want the cracker to disintegrate. was suggested do NOT let the caramel mixture BURN or scorch ~!

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