How To Make Vegetable Lasagna Recipe: Italian Classic: Mom’s Best! Diane Kometa-Dishin’ With Di #104

Vegetable Lasagna Recipe! Italian Classic! Easy! How To Make Vegetable Lasagna recipe video: Meatless: Mom’s Best Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe with spinach and ricotta cheese, zucchini (squash), bell peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, marinara sauce, carrots, sweet onions and lasagna noodles! Soon I’ll share my vegetable lasagna with white sauce / bechamel sauce! Get this homemade Lasagna Recipe with measurements @ Baked in the oven until it’s Hot & Bubbly! Watch the video and learn how to make veg lasagna at home! Veggie lasagna to feed a crowd! Perfect for a Sunday dinner, as an addition to your party menu or a recipe for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner! Great main dish casserole! I made this for a party and one of the kids said this is the “world’s best lasagna recipe ever”! I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s pretty darn good lasagna! Recipes & Videos listed in this Vegetable Lasagna video recipe are below, plus more you may like! Visit my Channel for the rest! Get in the kitchen and Start Cooking! Learn how to cook the best lasagna: vegetarian style! YUM

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  1. Nice! BUT…..original lasagna recipe does NOT call for mozzarella. Mozzarella is a variation used in the South. Lasagna comes from Emilia Romagna region in Italy (where I come from) and it is made with fresh ricotta cheese (also used in Tortellini), bechamelle sauce (sauce made with whole milk, butter and a bit of flower to thicken, and flavored with nutmeg), and on top of your lasagna dish a generous cover of grated Parmigiano Reggiano which will create the flavourful crust on top of the tomato tomato. Also a real Sugo di Pomodoro (tomato sauce) used for lasagna should be made with sauteed onion (no garlic, unless you can’t do without it!), finely chopped celery and carrots, the basi Italina soffritto with which we start most of our dishes.
    Kudos though for offering the “vegetarian” version of lasagna, instead of the more common with the ragu’ sauce.

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