How to Make Vegan Filipino Longganisa Sausages

Part 3 of Vegan Longsilog Breakfast Combo featuring vegan Filipino savory, sweet, sausages called Longganisa. For the full recipe, go to

For Part 1 featuring Garlic Fried Rice:
Part 2 featuring Vegan Scrambled “Eggs”:

I get my ingredients at Asian markets and at a vegetarian coop in San Francisco called Rainbow Grocery:

As a free gift, you’ll get a FREE download of the AstigVegan Longsilog Grocery List so you’ll have a convenient guide when shopping for all three dishes (Garlic Fried Rice, Scrambled Tofu, and Vegan Sausages). Head over to to get the free gift.

For ingredient substitutions and other questions about making Vegan Longganisa, check out the FAQ:







  1. YES. I’ve decided to become a vegetarian because I have gout. Let me tell you, it’s been a struggle seeing people eat langonisa in the morning because that shit is my serious favorite.

  2. I’m Filipino but vegan and am SO happy to have found your channel!!! I love Filipino food and the flavorful, rich dishes, and thought I would lose out on this cuisine. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I am quite old so maybe that is why I do not remember seeing longsilog when I was young. The market food I remember were rice congee with cubes of blood and choice of internal orgrans, fresh lumpia, palabok and halo halo.

  4. so glad to find you. Now, I can begin to try making/cooking some of them. I’m a strict vegan, more Plant based actually. Filipino foods are rich in fats and I have been limiting fats in my food prep. Can you incorporate some recipes, that you can cut down the fats being used? Thank You!

  5. This looks/sounds so amazing! I am making this soon 🙂 I found this recipe video via Mary’s Test Kitchen and thought to myself – hey, I know Astig Vegan!

  6. Oh my GOD! A Filipino vegan channel! THANK YOU! So happy I found you. I decided to eat all plant based but was sad I wouldn’t be able to eat Filipino food and now it’s possible, thanks to you 🙂

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